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We are The Inkredibles, a small, young but passionate group of people that aims to bring back the nostalgia of flipping through physical pages of books, cresting the binders when flipping the print, with each stain and marking a distinctive and unique imprint of yourself onto the print, something that is very much lost with today’s e-book era.

We produce a wide variety of products, such as notebooks, cards, postcards, etc. and they are produced in a wide variety of themes and designs to suit your needs and wants through the experiences, perspectives and inspiration of our talented designers and together with other visionary artists, allows us to merge and form ideas and virtues to truly allow us to express our individuality in the products we create.

Furthermore, we strive to invoke the feeling of nostalgia through our quirkily designed stationeries and gifts to bring back the good old days of print media and the feeling associated with it. Be Inkredible, bring us along on your adventures, craft new stories and create new memories with our stuff!

The Inkredibles is also a part of ‘The Techy Hub’ and shares the same office space as The Techy Hub. So Feel free to check out our other services that we offer to society!


In command is our Director and founder of The Techy Hub, Ee Soon Seng. Equipped with experience in web design and front-end development, Soon Seng began the company, accompanied by his long-instilled entrepreneurship and not long after, his interest in print that stemmed from being raised in a family involved with the print industry along with his longing to “Relive the Print” helped found the brand that is now known as The Inkredibles. However, no ship can run with just its captain, so here’s the crew behind the captain!

First up in line of introduction are the people responsible for the very products we display: our designers! Our Graphic Designer and former intern, Michelle (first from the right), was discovered by the Director at her graduation exhibition and soon began her internship; she gets her inspiration from other designers as talented as herself and sometimes the Instagram posts of a previous lecturer from her university. Michelle appreciates that The Inkredibles is a brand that is new to the industry and she sees an abundance of potential in the individuality of its products and how they are presented to the public.

Kah Yan (second from right) is our Junior Art Director, responsible for some of the products themselves and is lead for projects, ensuring that they follow through. Initially found manning her own booth at a bazaar, her major guiding lights are her own research and browsing Pinterest, making certain that her own designs have their own notable qualities. She believes that the brand is definitely on its way to doing big things and has high hopes for its future.

Kur Win, a big man of little words, is our Marketer who is the one in charge of promoting our brand’s products both online and offline (yes, those ads you keep seeing while you’re minding your own business on Facebook and Instagram are all his doing). He believes in the brand’s uniqueness and its potential to succeed in the industry.

An ex-colleague of our Director’s in an advertising agency, Jazzy is our Senior Front-End Web Developer whose duty is front-end coding (she handles how our website looks); Jazzy is an avid believer of Reliving the Print and thinks that the brand is reminiscent of and possesses the strength to bring back the good old days when most things were done on paper and does not have circuitry within them.

Also responsible for front-end development is Patricia (first from right, middle row) who deals with things like maintaining the website and uploading new products. Our director discovered her at her graduation exhibition; good find, Soon Seng!

Young Wei (first from right, back row), a former part-time now full-time Accountant, manages the company’s accounts and keeps track of the cash flow; for Young Wei, The Inkredibles brings to light old memories of sending postcards to friends and using stamps, he also thinks that individuals who have a passion for all things art and design will enjoy working here.

Last but not least, we have Kyle, our Network Specialist who is at the wheel of all things IT related from phones to PC laptops and networks. For The Inkredibles however, Kyle does the hands-on printing work (which he learned here and now enjoys) and prefers to leave the artsy stuff to the designers.

Thanks so much for reading all about us! Inkredibles out!

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From unique and quirky stationary to personalized gifts, we make sure to produce only the most incredible products for your choosing!

34C, Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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